Solar Energy

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Solar Energy

Dobco Group has extensive experience in providing solar energy solutions for its clients’ renewable energy needs. Dobco Group identifies key development sites and areas with strong solar resources and applies its development expertise to determine whether a site can be developed in a cost-effective manner.

Some of the many advantages that Dobco Group’s solar energy solutions provide to its clients are reduced electricity bills, diverse applications, low maintenance costs, environmental benefits, constantly evolving efficiencies, and more.

Dobco Group Solar Energy Services Include:

  • Feasibility Studies 
  • Long-Term Analysis & Predictions 
  • System Design & Specification 
  • Installation, Inspection, & Verification 
  • Identify & Obtain Available Incentives 
  • Project Management 
  • System Operations & Data Analysis 

“Solar Power is the last energy resource that isn’t owned yet.”

– Bonnie Raitt

Why Solar Energy?

Solar energy plants provide clean, quiet alternatives to maintaining energy resources, do not produce polluting emissions, and use fewer additional natural resources. Photovoltaic systems also last longer than other energy sources and create clean and renewable energy. 

Advantages of Solar Energy and Dobco Group Solar Energy Services:

Ability to design and install photovoltaic solar energy quickly. 

Transparency in energy delivered and financial savings. 

Transparency in energy delivered and financial savings. 

Elimination or reduction of energy costs.